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The Scruffs: Showtime

The Scruffs: Showtime

by Hannah Shaw

Format: Paperback

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Scruffy Mr Straw is in serious trouble. If he can’t pay off his loan, the Perfect Pet Shop will be sold. Ursula the cat, Lost the budgie, Elvis the chameleon and their faithful friends all decide to help. Their first idea is to enter the Much Muddling fete pet show and take home a cash prize or two.

It’s a huge surprise when Itch the dog wins £50 and it’s even more of a shock when Lynn and Lonny, the celebrity judges, offer to take him to a national competition. The Scruffs distrust the dodgy duo and eventually uncover their dastardly plan. But can Itch still win a prize to save the pet shop?

A lively animal adventure about friendship, loyalty, teamwork and honesty winning out over greed and deceit, with a lot of laughs along the way.

Age suggestion: 6Y+

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