Recycle Programme

What is the Pages to Points Recycle Programme?

The Pages to Points Recycle Programme is an initiative designed to encourage parents to declutter their spaces from books their kids have outgrown. By sending these books to us, you can earn points that can be used to purchase new books from our bookstore.

How many points can I earn through the programme?

For every book sent to us in good condition, you can earn up to 1 KWD per book, depending on various factors such as its format, condition, and type (hardcover, novelty books, etc., yielding more points compared to paperback or thinner books, etc.). Your points will be evaluated upon submitting our pre-loved books form, and the point breakdown will be shared with you before pickup for your approval.

Sometimes, we receive books that are in better condition than expected, and in such cases, we may increase the points accordingly.

What defines a book in "good condition"?

Books in "good condition" should be gently used and free from the following:

  • Excessive wear and tear, such as torn pages or covers.
  • Stains, water damage, or mould.
  • Missing pages or significant writing or colouring.
  • Strong odours or any other issues that would make the book unsuitable for reuse.

Where can I use my reward points?

You can use your reward points all over our website, from subscription boxes to individual books and gift cards.

Is there a minimum number of books I need to send to earn points?

Yes, you need to send a minimum of four books to earn points.

What happens to books that are not in good condition?

Books that are not in good condition will not be accepted. If you want such books returned, there will be a delivery fee of 2 KWD associated with their return.

How can I send my books to participate in the Pages to Points Programme?

To participate in the Pages to Points Programme and send your pre-loved books, simply complete the Book Submission for Recycling Programme form. After you submit the form, we'll be in touch to arrange a collection time that's convenient for you.

Do the books I send have to be purchased from your store?

No, the books you send do not have to be purchased from our store. We accept books from any source, as long as they meet our "good condition" criteria.

What language should the books be in?

We accept children's books in English and Arabic.

Where will I receive my points?

Your reward points will be conveniently credited to your account. You can easily keep track of them by accessing the "Reward Points" section within your profile on our website. Remember, creating an account with us is necessary to receive and use your points effectively. Once credited, you can redeem your points towards purchasing new books from our website.

How do I pay with my reward points?

Once you have any amount of reward points credited to your account, simply proceed to view your cart with items added to it. From your cart page, you will find an option to "Pay Using Reward Points." Click on this option, and the amount you have accumulated will be deducted from the total price of your purchase.

What do you do with the books sent to you through the Pages to Points Programme?

Every book sent to us through the Pages to Points Programme is cherished and given a new opportunity to delight another reader. We offer these pre-loved books to others in our dedicated “Pre-loved" section, where each book can find a new home and bring joy to a new set of young readers. This way, your contributions not only declutter your space but also continue to spark the love for reading in many more young hearts.